• The machines for the packaging

Automatic, semi-automatic or manual machines

We always have the most suitable solution for you.

In a sector such as that of cosmetics, where the attention to the aesthetic and to the functionality of the packaging is very high, it is necessary a great technical skill to realize machines which can combine maximum precision and high performances. Our products can satisfy even the most demanding customers, because they are the result of many years of experience and investments, both in technology and in research and development, thanks to which we can offer a complete range of customized machines and equipments, that are precise, reliable, highly productive and well-finished even in the smallest details.

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Hot stamping machines

Our core business is the projecting and realization of the hot stamping machines, a speciality in which, every time, high precision, creativity and adaptability are necessary to suit the design of the various decorations and shapes of the packaging. Our machines can execute even the most complex manufacturing such as the overmolding with internal decoration.


  • Manual machines
  • Automatic machines for printing on flat surfaces with 4 load cells (patented)
  • Machines for printing on round/elliptic surfaces including text and lines

Assembly machines

The cap of a perfume bottle can be made up of even 12 pieces that have to be perfectly assembled, and, when required, to appear as a single piece, this is an example of what can be achieved with our mechanical and pneumatic assembly machines, which are automatic, with glue, ultrasounds, and vision systems.

Pinning and sticking mirrior machines

These machines are suitable for the complete assembly of make-up sets, including the application of mirrors. They can be either automatic or manual.

Electronic compactors for powders

The ideal machines to compact the powders (blushes, eye-shadows, bronzers etc.) to be placed in the make-up sets.

Palletizing machines

Speed and precision are the main features of our palletizing machines, they grant excellent performances and reduction of working times. They load and unload from thermoformed pallets; with rotation and wheel-base recovery.

Shearing machine for aluminium film

It is indispensable when using an aluminium film as decoration or as a seal of warranty.


Cartesian and lateral manipulators for injection presses. Anthropomorphous manipulators.

Painting plants

Our painting plants have small dimensions whereas they allow great performances. With metallization in high vacuum, in line, with UV lacquer protection. They are equipped with patented rotary face-plates.

Refrigerators and ovens

Refrigerators to cool the pieces after the injection press, they are especially recommended for Surlyn. Air ovens, particularly suitable to heat the pieces or to dry the silk- screen printed ones.

Machines for quality control

These small machines are destined to the quality control of the packaging:

  • Machine for control of micro-holes
  • Vision systems
  • Orientation systems with camera


We can supply many different types of equipments that can be installed also in machines manufactured by other companies:

  • Equipments of resin and of metal for hot stamping decoration
  • Equipments for assembly and for manipulation
  • Equipments for double manipulation inside the stamp

Automatic and robotic work islands

Nowadays they are a sound reality, the work islands that we realize are fully automatic and robotic.

Complete production lines

From when the packaging comes out of the injection press to the end of the production cycle, we will see to it. We can build complete customized production lines, including conveyor belts of various sizes. Whatever the customer's requests may be we can find technological solutions which will allow to create an outstanding product.